photo by Letif B. Photo

photo by Letif B. Photo

About the Artist

Born in Bowling Green, Ohio, Jill currently lives and works in Bridgeport, CT. She holds an M.F.A. in Painting from Western Connecticut State University, M.A. in Painting and Drawing from Eastern Illinois University, and B.F.A in Painting and B.A. in Spanish from Miami University. Jill actively studies art, archaeology, and art history in Rome, Italy where she is Visiting Professor with Rome Art Program.

Jill's work investigates feminine presence, derived from memory and observation of ancient Egyptian and Roman artifacts. She uses shifts in tonality and light to explore the duality between solidity and air, linking present and past.


My works are intuitive responses to my research, observation, and perception of women of the ancient Egypto-Roman world. Even at a young age, I brought these silent figures to life in my mind and translated them into drawings. As ancient peoples were buried and forgotten, my sketchbooks lay dormant for many years. It is my desire to resurrect these characters and to express the same love, nostalgia, and haunting that I feel, to the viewer.